“This is what we would power our retreat with when the grid goes down,” Steve said as he passed the photos around the table.

The other preppers looked at the photos of Steve’s solar power system.

Steve sat there with a proud smile stretched across his face…

“I built it myself,” Steve added, “I found most of the main components on Ebay.”

Steve’s wife, Rachel also beamed.  She was obviously proud that she had such a handyman for a husband.  Steve’s preparations made her and the kids feel safe and protected.

None of the mastermind group members said anything, as the photo passed around from person to person.

“You did a great job on the installation Steve,” I said as I looked at the photo.

Steve’s smile got bigger.

“But I need to ask you some questions, so I understand the problem.”

Steve’s smile disappeared off his face, almost as fast as his wife’s.

“Problem?  What problem?  The system works perfectly.  I have been using it for almost a year now – and I haven’t had the littlest hiccup”, Steve protested.

Rachel’s head nodded vigorously in agreement with Steve, but a look of concern was creeping on to her face.

“I’m sure the system works fine right NOW.  That isn’t the problem.  When we started this meeting, and you introduced yourself to the other members of this mastermind group, you said that your biggest fear is an EMP attack – specifically from China.”

“That’s right.  The Chinese have said that they are growing impatient with Taiwan.  Sooner or later they are going to take it back using force.  And when the US moves to help Taiwan *poof* they will hit us to level the playing field.”

I looked across the table to Dave — one of the founding members of this mastermind group.  Dave is a former Microsoft engineer and started prepping right after 9/11.

“Well Steve, those solar panels are not going to survive an EMP.  Neither is your Outback Power Systems inverter/charger,”  Dave said.

Hank stood their blinking rapidly.

Judging from the ‘deer in the headlights’ look he had on his face, I think he was expecting his ‘hotseat’ to go a little easier…

“Well…  I was planning on building a Faraday cage and putting extra panels and Outback in it, “ Steve said.

Everyone around the table knew that was coming…

When you read posts in the survivalist and prepper forums, everyone talks about putting solar panels in a Faraday cage — and saving them for WSHTF.

“Okay Steve.  What are you going to do six months after the first EMP strike — if a second one hits?  Do you really think the Chinese are going to let us rebuild?” Dave said.

Steve’s shoulders slumped and he let out a long, stressful sigh.

The realization of what Dave and I said began to take hold.

“You have to believe that as soon as you take the panels out of your Faraday cage – and put them on the roof…”

“They would be destroyed by another EMP,” Steve said – finishing my sentence.

Steve had come to a realization…

He spent thousands of dollars on a solar power system that wouldn’t be worth ‘diddly squat’ when sh*t hit the fan.

I could see tears starting to fill his wife’s eyes.

“I know it’s hard to hear, but this ‘hotseat’ session is for your own good.  Only when you know your weaknesses of your plan, can things be improved.  Most preppers aren’t honest with themselves.  They are just going through the motions.  The good thing is Bill can help!” Dave said.

Everyone around the table was nodding their head in agreement.

“Would you like to discover how to protect your solar panels from an EMP attack?”

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